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Case study: Tessa Boden

By January 22, 2016No Comments

Tessa is a beautiful 3 year old Rottweiler who has been with Medipet since January 2014.  Tessa is generally a healthy and active girl, with only the odd claim for an eye infection and a sore shoulder previously.

In April 2014, she developed a lump, which required an FNA (fine needle aspirate) as well as a high temperature, and further tests followed for Erlichea, a tick borne disease.  Poor Tessa wasn’t feeling so great, but at least the lump turned out to be benign.

Still, the two claims totaled R3 552.65.  Tessa’s dad, Matt, paid only R355.26 of that amount, (10% of the claim under the 2014 policy), and Medipet paid the balance.  A saving for Matt of R3 197.39.  But little did Matt know that Tessa’s problems were only getting started.

Just one month later Tessa developed Immune Mediated Neutropaenia (a rare blood disease) and on top of that she developed Pneumonia and had to be hospitalised.  Suddenly the veterinary treatment began to escalate and the bills started running high.

Tessa, on her way home from hospital, glad to be out but looking so thin

Tessa, on her way home from hospital, glad to be out but looking so thin

Brave Tessa, and Matt, battled the disease, Matt knowing all along that he could focus entirely on Tessa and her getting well.  He had the peace of mind of knowing that her costs were covered and that he did not have the shadow of high vet bills hanging over his head; he would not be placed in the awful predicament of having to decide how much of her treatment was affordable.

This beautiful girl pulled through like a real trooper and Matt could relax, Tessa was out of the woods and recovering nicely, and so were Matt’s finances.

Tessa spent about 7 days in hospital, the breakdown of her costs and how they were covered is as follows:


Total Expenses:          R22 867.01

Cost to Matt:              R3 430.05

Medipet Paid:            R19 436.96

Tessa today, happy, healthy & just chillin'

Tessa today, happy, healthy & just chillin’

It’s not every day that your furry loved one gets severely ill, so a common misconception is “I will put money away every month for those unforeseen vet bills”.  But let’s be honest, how often does that happen, and how much gets put away?  How long do you have to wait until you have R20 000 saved up?  And you can’t rely on fate obliging and keeping your pets healthy until you do.

Tessa had been on the policy for a total of 15 months.  Matt signed Tessa up in January 2014 and had paid a little over R3500 in premiums over that time.  Any way you do the math, it is still a huge saving, and that is why we are here.

Medipet prides itself on offering the most comprehensive pet insurance cover in South Africa.  We understand exactly what your pet means to you.  For that reason, our dynamic team of compassionate animal lovers, ensure that your claims are processed and paid out within the shortest possible time, efficiently and stress free.  We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and high quality care, with that personal touch.

Our ethos has always been “The animal comes first”.  To that end, we are totally transparent, and there are no hidden agendas, sub-limits or breed exclusions.  What you see is what you get – pure, honest and down to earth devotion to your pet.  That’s just what we do.