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Another Happy Tail – Theodore’s Case Study

By February 23, 2015No Comments

Meet Theodore – or Teddy – as he likes to be called, a 2 1/2 year old Bulldog.

Teddy Kirchner 01

Teddy’s mum signed him up with Medipet in March 2014 when he was about 18 months old.  5 months later Teddy presented with a very painful right hind leg when his mum found he couldn’t walk one Sunday night.  A visit to the vet confirmed that Teddy would need surgery to repair his right cruciate ligament.  He was booked in for surgery in January this year.

Teddy Kirchner 3Medipet covered Teddy’s surgery and initial consultation because he was out of his waiting periods, as per the policy terms and conditions, and because at Teddy’s medical history proved that the lameness he was experiencing was not a pre-existing condition.  Teddy’s mum had the peace of mind of knowing that she could offer her beloved boy the best possible veterinary care.  Teddy’s surgery went well and he is recovering nicely.

This is what Teddy’s mum saved in vet’s bills:

  • Initial Consultation:   R2146
  • Cost to Teddy:   R214.60
  • Medipet Refunded:  R1931.40


  • Surgery:   R18552.30
  • Cost to Teddy:   R1855.23
  • Medipet Refunded:   R16697.07


Said Teddy’s mum, Heidi:  “Thank you again for all the advice – Ted’s op went very well and he is recovering nicely.  To say I’m impressed with Medipet’s service is an understatement! Thank you.  I received bank notification of the payments”