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Bruizer’s Street Adventure

By May 19, 2015No Comments

Remember Bruizer, the little daxie who went missing two weeks ago?  Bruizer was reunited with his family shortly after his street adventure.  Bruizer’s mom, Kim tells us the story:

Bruiser GloyneOur precious Bruizer (know by all as the sausage dog with attitude), got out our gate on Sunday afternoon. Only when I called him for supper did I realize he was missing…

We immediately started searching the area for our little tan hound who meant the world to us.

Just taking you back, he is 12 years old and sort of losing a few of his marbles so his street sense is not good at all, so we were very worried for his safety. The longer we looked the more we realized that our search was in vain and he was no where to be found.

He was gone for around 2 days ( that is two very long days and cold nights for a sausage dog). We were convinced he was gone for good but the one thing that kept our  spirits up was the wonderful support from all our friends who were driving down all the roads in our area looking, posting on FB, contacting vets for us and mostly making posters for us and putting them up…

Huge thanks to Louise Griffiths from Medi Pet for being such a wonderful, animal loving person and pushing us even harder to find our Bruizer. As soon as the posters went up, about an hour or two later we got a call from a concerned lady who had seen Bruizer roaming the streets and she then realized that he was lost and was the scared dog that was being looked for.

She called my husband Steve and said she had him, when Steve ran back inside to say he had been found we all went bananas with excitement and eagerly awaited his return. When they drove around the corner we all jumped in the car to hug and kiss him and were so happy to have him home. It just makes you realize how precious our pets are to us and how they are so part of the family.

BIG Thank you to everyone for Bruizers safe return, we are thrilled to have him home.”

Bruizer’s story ended happily for him and his family, and we are so relieved that he is home safe, back with his humans.  Remember to make sure your pet has a collar and disc with your details, and try to micro-chip your pet so if they ever do get out of your property and lost, the chances of them being returned home are significantly higher.