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How do waiting periods work?

There is a standard waiting period for all new pets upon joining, to assess each pet’s current health. Pets that show signs or symptoms of any condition within this period have a “pre-existing condition.” Full disclosure is essential, and not doing so could compromise your cover, and lead to cancellation. Every pet and their cover is evaluated on an individual case-by-case basis. (Please remember, all pets requiring medical attention must be seen by a vet, even if it is during a waiting period, and doing so is a general condition of our cover).

We have a no-claims period for all new pets for the first 30 days (accidents are, of course, covered immediately).

This is followed by a 30-day 50% shared co-payment period.

Prescription food and dental benefits on Option 2 have a 4-month waiting period.

There is also a short 6-month waiting period under Option 1 & 2 for knee, hip, elbow & shoulder, eye, respiratory system and spinal surgeries, with a contribution of R5 000 for diagnostic costs. (Pets under 4 months of age may be considered for part or full cover of the above surgeries, on a case-by-case basis).

Option 2’s condolence contribution has a 6-month waiting period for newly joined pets, and is waived should the death be the result of any excluded and/or pre-existing conditions.

Top Pet Routine Care claims have a 30-day waiting period.


How do claim excesses work?

  • This is a small amount you pay on every claim before we refund the rest of your bill.
  • Each claim under Option 1 & 2 has an excess of 18%, minimum of R350.  All ongoing claims for the same condition within a 30-day period will have an 18% excess, once the initial R350 minimum has been met. Should a condition continue past 30 days, it will be treated as a new claim, with the R350 minimum).
  • Each claim on Accident Only has an excess of 10%, minimum of R150.
  • You may claim for one dental procedure per year on Option 2, with an excess of 20%, minimum of R500.
  • Claims for complementary rehabilitation, supplements & emergency boarding fees have an excess of 18%.
  • Claims for gastro-intestinal diseases, lameness, skin disease, ear & eye conditions and respiratory & spinal conditions have an excess of 25%, minimum of R500.
  • Top Pet routine care, behavioural therapy, missing pet advertising, prescription food (under Option 2) and the condolence contribution (under Option 2) do not have an excess.