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Daring Darlings of The Great Escape

By October 28, 2015No Comments

Well, we may have lost to New Zealand in a heartbreakingly close semi-final, the earthquake in north eastern Afghanistan has claimed hundreds of lives, and some students are still protesting after landing a victory in the #feesmustfall drama that has played out across our country, but, if you look close enough, and hard enough, every single cloud has a silver lining.

So it is for the Daring Darlings of The Great Escape.  As further riots and unrest sweep through the normally peaceful little township, the Darlings have had to remain with their foster families as it is not yet safe for them to return to the shelter.  For many, Darlings and humans alike, this like a little slice of heaven.

Lets take a look at some of the Darlings and see how they are doing on their Grand Adventure.  And hold thumbs for many foster failures, as it seems quite a few of the Darlings have found their fur-ever homes.

Daring Darlings Collage

If you’re interested in adopting a Darling, contact Tears on 021 785 4482 to find out more about their adoption process, or visit their website on If you can’t adopt then volunteer, foster or make a donation.

Ribbet collage

At MedipetSA we are proud of our affiliation with Tears (a pro-life animal rescue organization), and for the opportunity to be involved in this awesome initiative.  We believe in giving animals a voice, and are humbled by an entire community who rallied to help those who needed it most.  We salute you.