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As most of you know by now, Friday 29 June was International Mud Day, so we invited followers to send in their pics of their muddy pups.  We had loads of entries and it was so difficult to choose the finalists.

Okay, we had no pics of muddy cats, but what cat in their right mind would behave like a dog and take a mud bath, one of the canine delights in this world?

Because picking the finalists was so difficult, we knew we’d never be able to pick a winner, so we approached our very sage mascot Kiki, and asked her to do the honours.

Actually, what really happened was that we couldn’t make up our minds, and Kiki was having none of that, so she exercised her official Medipet Mascot right, and took over the judging.

And once she’d put us all in our place, she went to work.  We’re very grateful really, or else we’d all still be sitting in the office oohing and aahing over the photographs, and musing about the real reasons behind the absolute muddiness of our gorgeous entrants. So, she looked over all the muddy finalists, had a great think – and possibly a mud bath too – and gave us her selection.



Our winners were:
























Kiki insisted that a special mention also go out to Oliver, who had the muddiest face she ever did see and who looked super proud of it too.  So, Oliver, if you’re out there, a huge shout out from Medipet for your superior mudness, we hope you drove your hoomans crazy.


We’ve had so much fun this week, and we really want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who sent in their pics.  We salute your #loveofmud and hope you’ll follow our adventures next week with Disobedience Week.  That ought to be fun!

Yours in Paws
The Medipet Team