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Kleinmond Animal Clinic and Team Social

By March 7, 2017No Comments

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Medipet was invited to attend the recent “Meet Your Team” Kleinmond Animal Clinic Cocktail Party, held at the Diesel & Jam restaurant.  The informal social get together was an opportunity for clients, new and long standing, to meet the team to whom they entrust the wellbeing of their pets.

A6Despite an enormous fire raging in the Western Cape’s Helderberg region, the turnout for the cocktail party was amazing, with staff, clients and guests having the opportunity to meet one another, to put faces to names, and to have their questions answered.

For Medipet this was a pivotal opportunity to raise awareness for the importance of pet insurance – or as many refer to it – pet medical aid.

This in itself is a misnomer – according to South African legislation, you cannot take out medicalA5 aid for your pets because they are seen as your ‘property’ as opposed to an entity in their own right.  You can however insure your property, so pet insurance is growing proportionately to the increase in veterinary costs annually.

There is also a growing trend that sees us treating our pets more as members of our family, than as merely guard dogs, protectors or early warning alarm systems.  Because of this, our domesticated friends are treated medically for more conditions than they were in the past, the quality of pet food has improved dramatically, as have their living conditions, and the emotional attachment they have with their human companions has strengthened.


Pet insurance has become a vital part of keeping your furry friend happy and healthy.  Like all insurance, we refer to it as a “grudge payment” but welcome the security of it when Fido falls and tears a cruciate ligament, or Fluffy develops Feline HIV.

For more information on Medipet’s policy options and prices, you can visit the website, Facebook Page or follow on Twitter and Instagram and

You can also pop into Kleinmond Animal Clinic and visit the dynamic team of vets and front staff who help keep your best friend in tip top condition.  And keep an eye on their Facebook page too for further events.