Why MediPet?

MediPet Animal Health Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd

An authorised Financial Services Provider
(FSP licence 32613)
18th March 2014

MediPet* was founded in 2007 and introduced a revolutionary pet insurance cover to the market. Over the years this cover has been tailored to provide for its sustainability and longevity; however it has also maintained its simplicity.

Recently MediPet has earned the compliment of attracting competitors in the South African pet insurance marketplace. Although these companies often bring cheaper products to the consumer, MediPet’s twelve years of veterinary insurance brokerage experience and in-house veterinary knowledge cannot be ignored.

So if you are a potential member, here are some of the questions that you should pose to your insurer or broker:

  • How long have these companies been in existence?
    MediPet was established in 2007.
  • How many claims have you processed?
    MediPet pays out almost R4 million in claims every month. They have given their members more than R250 million in refunds.
  • How many pets do they have covered?
    MediPet serves a pet member base of more than 25 000.
  • Do they employ full-time veterinary-experienced staff who deal effectively and considerately with clients and vets alike?
    MediPet employs a full-time vet and vet nurse.
  • When do premiums increase?     
    MediPet review and enhance their cover offerings and premiums in May of each year.

Always read an insurance policy document carefully – remember the devil is in the detail! Our products offer complete cover without small print exclusions for breed or hereditary conditions, pre-approval requisites, concealed sub-limits and lack of cover for complementary or holistic wellness benefits where necessary.

Our ethos is the pet comes first – always.

Many of the newer pet insurance products are sold through brokers as an add-on cover to house or car insurance, and form a minor part of the brokers’ book of business. Furthermore, most of these brokers offer these pet insurance products without the necessary support staff or the ability to argue a claim on behalf of their member at vet level.

In contrast, MediPet prides itself on employing a team of animal loving staff that has grown the business into the largest dedicated pet insurance broker in South Africa. With our in-house vet expertise, in addition to our commitment to act on behalf of our members, we are able to ensure that our cover is accompanied by the best possible customer support service.

Like so many things in life “You pays your money and takes your choice” but as the only insurance broker in South Africa at this time dealing solely with pet insurance, there is, in our opinion, only one viable choice: MediPet!

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*MediPet is MediPet Animal Health Insurance Brokers (PTY) Ltd (FSP 32613). Pet Underwriting Managing Agency (PTY) Ltd (FSP 44387), trading as PUMA, underwrites all MediPet business on behalf of Renasa Insurance Company Ltd (FSP 15491). MediPet, PUMA and Renasa Insurance Company Ltd are all authorised Financial Services Providers.