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Welcome to 2019, and the Year of the Pig, according to the Chinese zodiac.

While we may not cover those cute, pink little snouts, we do cover dogs and cats, and while you’re busy making your New Year’s Resolutions, we’d like to slip another little one in there…

When we see the number of unwanted and shelter pets in South Africa today, we cannot endorse pet gift giving, but it does still happen.  If you’ve been a recipient of a new furry friend for Christmas, or even if you’ve just adopted a shelter pet over the holiday season, there are many reasons as a responsible pet owner, to consider investing in pet insurance.

We all know things can happen, and they do, but just as we always assume “that’ll never happen to me” – until it does, the same applies with our pets.

We budget for their general wellbeing and things like sterilization, micro-chipping and  annual vaccinations.  We buy them the best food, and as many toys as they can play with, but we never really think of the big things that can happen. For example, a fun afternoon at the park or on the beach could result in an attack from another dog.  Or running into the road to retrieve the favourite ball in a game of fetch, the unthinkable happens.

These are realities that we only acknowledge when they occur, and we are usually not prepared for them.

That’s why, just like human medical aid, pet insurance makes sense.  It ensures that when something does happen (and it doesn’t have to be just an accident – treatments for illnesses can be expensive too), you’re prepared.  Because being prepared means you only have to worry about what’s important, your pet’s health, and not what it costs.

MediPet offers the most comprehensive coverage across multiple policy options.

Our Option 1 offers classic, day-to-day, affordable cover for illness, accidents and holistic wellness.

Option 2 offers ultimate, worry-free coverage for illness, accidents, dental, prescription food and holistic wellness.

Accident Only offers basic unforeseen accident cover geared towards our golden oldies.

Top Pet is a revolutionary routine care add on that offers an annual benefit towards the general wellness of your pet, including sterilization, micro-chipping, vaccinations, de-worming and tick and flea control.

Our holistic wellness support contributes towards hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, supplements, rehabilitation care, behavior, homeopathy and acupuncture.

So what makes us different to other service providers?  For a start, at MediPet, we’re all about pets, so we understand what you need from us.  Our personal, individualized service means no call center agents or long holds.  You’ll be given fast, direct access to a team member every step of the way.

MediPet policies are simple and our customers love that we fulfill our promises.

Our full-time vet and veterinary nurse deal directly with practices, ensuring faster and more successful claims.

We are proudly sub-limit free when it comes to claims on accidents, illnesses and injuries!

And all breeds are welcome with us. Isn’t that nice to hear?

Are there any catches?

Absolutely not.

We don’t hide anything in the fine print and if you read your policy you won’t find any nasty surprises. Insurance companies do, however, have to make tough decisions, so while we rarely deny anyone coverage, sometimes we’ll create a unique plan for those with special needs.

Image Credit: Daria Shevtsova

Pet owners choose us because our unmatched 93% claim success makes us your most popular choice. We process more than R4 million in claims every month!

On top of that, we give piece of mind, by processing claims within an average of 10 working days of receiving all the necessary supporting documentation, and refunds follow shortly after.

Pets choose us because we show we care passionately with our lost pet advertising & rewards, theft and consolation contributions. And don’t forget boarding fees allow them to go on their own little holiday when owners cannot care for them!

Image Credit: Gellinger / 3272 images

And vets choose us because we make their lives a little easier with our proven track record in paying out claims, and by keeping you and your furry family happy.

Every pet deserves MediPet. So do you.