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Nizza’s Remarkable Recovery

By October 19, 2015No Comments

Earlier this month one of our long term Medi-Pets, Nizza suffered a splenic torsion.  Nizza underwent surgery which successfully repaired the torsion.  Her veterinary costs were in excess of R15 000, but all her mom paid was the policy excess of R2362.  Medipet covered the rest, an amount of R13 888.

Nizza’s mom sent us this video of Nizza leaving the vet, and had this to say:

“Hi There,

Video of Nizza leaving the hospital. She had a torsion and her spleen burst.  Vet removed the spleen and stitched the stomach.  Dr Chris of the Panorama Veterinary Clinic , believed to give Nizza  in this old age another chance on life and WHALA!!!!!

At the age of 12 years,7 months . Thanks to MediPet she get all the treatment to help her to live a good quality life.”