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The Sound of Purr-fect Healing

By September 28, 2016No Comments

While the incessant barking of a dog will drive most of us mad, many of nature’s sounds are really quite calming, and, as research has shown, healing also.

By now we have all heard about how owning a cat or a dog is good for your health because it releases endorphins (your feel good hormones), lowers stress and reduces your risk of heart attacks.

Sumatran Rhino

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Similarly, popping a classical cd into your front loader in preparation for a long drive helps keep you calm and if you ever auditioned for a leading role in the Fast & Furious, well classical music helps reduce road rage too.  Most bookstores sell a selection of cd’s that include a range of soothing sounds, for example the ocean, bird calls, farmyard and wildlife sounds.  Okay, a trumpeting elephant really can keep you up at night, trust us, we know this, but did you know that the sound of the Sumatra Rhino is really quite relaxing?  Their song sounds rather like humpback whales, and they help mend our bones.

The bad news is that for most us, the Sumatra Rhino is a bit out of reach.  The good news is, if you own a cat (or more likely, if a cat owns you), the same principle applies.


Happy Cat

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Research has shown that the purr of a cat, at a frequency of about 25Hz is the same frequency at which human (and animal) bones and muscle will start to heal.  This seems to su-paw-t the theory of why cats are generally healthier, and live longer than dogs.  Because they can purr.

Read this very interesting interview with research scientist Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, where she explains her research and findings on the topic of healing animal sounds.

Earthcode: The Cat’s Purr and Other Sounds that Heal

And lets not forget our cat’s dear canine counterpart, who has helped heal many a broken heart with slobbery kisses, dramatic sighs and furious tail wags.  They may not purr, but their ability to heal emotional human frailties knows no bounds.

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