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Tessa Page Case Study

By November 11, 2015No Comments

We recently received this letter from Tessa the labrador.  Tessa told us her story in her own words.  And while we always love getting fan mail, it is even more humbling to know that we can do some good.

Dear Medipet.

My mom told me that it is because of you guys that I am still able to be with my family and didn’t need to be put to sleep due to my mom not being able to afford my care. I have been generally a healthy girl, well as healthy as an old lady of 12 can be but sadly in October I had an accident and tore my cruciate ligament in my knee.  For an old dog walking is already hard but this made me even feel more old. My mom took me to a fantastic man , Dr Grey at

Time for surgery

Time for surgery

Panorama Veterinary Clinic and he could operate on me. However then they found my kidneys seemed to be not doing so well too, so I had to go and see another specialist. New meds in hand we returned home but it was a long 5 weeks of trying to get back on my feet. They say bad things happen in three so this week my mom had to rush me to an emergency room as my stomach started bleeding and I could keep nothing in. So back to hospital I went.

So as you can see the last two months have not been good on me but thanks to you, my mom

Cage rest for me, but I don't mind

Cage rest for me, but I don’t mind

could give me the best care as she knew I would be covered. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you. Without you making it possible to get the care I needed, I don’t know if I still would have been here. Im an old soul, but not yet ready to leave my family and I’m so happy to be back home

Lots of love and sloppy Kisses
The old labrador lady in the house

Ps. A huge thank you from my mom Jolene too.

Happy smiles all around for everyone. I'm going to be just fine

Happy smiles all around for everyone. I’m going to be just fine

So far, Tessa’s surgery costs have amounted to R14 269.94.  Of that amount, Tessa’s mom paid R2 140.49, making a saving of R12 129.45 that Medipet paid for Tessa’s veterinary expenses.

Well done Tessa, it’s great to see you looking so happy and well.