Hi Kerry

I would just like to thank you and the Medipet Team for your help and the professional way you handled all the claims for Flicka.

I am shattered and heartbroken – she was such a wonderful dog and only 3 years old – she was so fit and healthy and then this hit like a bolt of lightning.

Please pass my thanks on to the rest of the team especially Louise – when I paid my subscription in September for Penny and Flicka, I wanted to put Flicka on Accident Only because she was so fit and healthy but Louise advised me against it – very grateful that I took her advice.

Thanks again to your great team.




Thank you very much, Leisl!

Your service is beyond excellent and very professional!

It is an absolute pleasure to deal with you! It is very reassuring to know that our precious pets are covered by people like you.

With appreciation, Helen



Dearest Louise and your amazing Medipet Team ♥
Our time is drawing near to say Goodbye to you and your team.  You have taken such good care of us for  11 years.
We are certainly going to miss you all.  I know that Grommet and Jessie are no longer with us,  but wanted to tell you how grateful I was for all the times when they did get sick, that the bills were well taken care of.  I never worried about the finance part, as you took care of that.  I just had to worry about getting my kids better, while you took care of making sure we did not worry about the money part.
Your kindness and messages sent to us during our sad time of losing Jessie and Grommet were incredible.  Every message was read and appreciated.
Your team is kind and caring – your truly love all our furkids !
Sassy just wanted to say a big thank you  for all your care and love  about her air travel to the UK.
I will let you know when Sassy has arrived safe and sound in the UK.  Thank you for all you have done for my family.  I will  miss you all dearly !
Medipet are the best Pet Medical Insurance company !!
with all our love
Mary, Brett and Sassy Cat xxx
In living spirit Jessie and Grommet   ♥



Hi everyone at Medipet
I just want to say thank you. You are truly amazing and I am so appreciative of your quality service! If only Discovery could take a leaf out of your book!

With a huge amount of thanks
Chris, Gail and our beautiful girls, Abi and Emma xxxx



Good day
I feel that I just have to write this mail to thank Medipet and all you wonderful ladies (no gents thus far J) for the compassionate, supportive and prompt service I have received from day one.
This latest claim payout is an absolute life saver, and I cannot explain the overwhelming relief I am feeling right now.
My Jessie and I are forever grateful.
I have and will continue to recommend Medipet SA to everyone I know on social media and personally.



Once again we are super impressed by Medipet. You have always been so professional and prompt in dealing with any  of our queries or claims.

Our dog as you know had the same spine operation done in the space of a year – and you guys did not quibble. It is an expensive procedure and with thanks to

Medipet, we could pursue that avenue. Happy to report that the procedure went well and our dog should recover in full.



I just wanted to say that I am extremely happy with MediPet’s service these past few months.  I was on another pet insurance for a year but every claim (which was mostly for deworming/flea medication) was a hassle and took ages to handle.  Oliver has coincidentally had more medical issues in the past couple of months than he has had since I adopted him in 2016, so it is very fortunate that I had just joined MediPet.

Oliver is my life, so it is great having an insurance that I am confident in in case he ever has serious health issues.



Having vet expenses being taken care of without having to worry about them was a relief and allowed us to focus on what was best for Bruce. We are probably going to get a new puppy in few months, I will not hesitate to use your services again.



Thanks so much for being the most incredible medical aid company who took personal interest in our animals. Cannot rate you all high enough.



We’ve had a difficult past year with my dog’s accident, and having Medipet has taken a HUGE load off of our shoulders. Really appreciate how responsive and helpful you are to deal with! Choosing Medipet was our best decision, we tell everybody to sign up with you.



I wish all the insurance were as efficient as Medipet…

Thanks, Alice



Our dogs are pretty lucky to be on a medical aid and sometimes joke that my dogs medical aid is better than my Discovery medical aid J



Just wanted to say thank you for the attentive and professional manner in which you guys work. It is very comforting to know that pet parents have such an amazing partner in you!



This is the nicest, most personalized email I have ever received form a financial services company – it really means a lot and goes a long way to show the empathy and concern from Medipet (which assures me that we selected the right company to do business with).


Charl & Sunet


Thank you so much – it really is a pleasure dealing with MediPet … you
guys are amazing !



Dear Kerry,

We just want to take a minute to thank you and the team at Medipets for the peace of mind that you give us. As animal lovers and the proud parents of 7 rescue fur kids, it is wonderful knowing that we can keep them in the best of health at all times. Medipets no nonsense cover is worth every cent that it costs us.

Thanks again and kind regards.

Paul & Tori


No testimonials to display


Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding.
Your compassionate consideration of my daughter‘s refund is really appreciated.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a member of your medical aid dog insurance scheme.
Your kindness, prompt attention and efficient attention to any unfortunate medical claims we have had in the past and submitted to you is absolutely outstanding.

The excellent service that you provide certainly confirms that your scheme is the best available.
We will certainly ensure that our recommendation to join your scheme is passed on to all whom we know.



I have been completely blown away by the service thus far. It is prompt, painless and efficient! Thank-you so much. I am going to do a big punt to my friends as this is the first dog I have ever insured and it has been a pleasure thus far.



No testimonials to display


I really appreciate how easy it is to interact with MediPet. Your service is incredible.



Hi Kerry,
Thank you very much for the quick response.
You guys are not cheap — and several of my friends have had issues with other pet insurance providers — but absolutely no-one comes close to Medi-Pet in terms of communication, reimbursement of claims, etc. It’s worth paying for.



Thank you once again for your wonderful and efficient service. I sleep better at night knowing that I have Medipet!



Wow I’m really impressed with your processes – thank you. It’s refreshing to get great service these days.



No testimonials to display


I have to say an enormous THANK YOU To MediPetSA. They have been absolutely incredible. With all the countless hospital stays, scans, scopes, x-rays and meds that poor Dexie has been through since October, I am so grateful to have the peace of mind of knowing that the decisions we make don’t have to be limited by finance. Claims have been paid out timeously and without question. I would highly recommend this pet insurance 🐶🐈



Thanx a lot Kerry.  I am glad I have the best medical cover for my yorkie children.  It gives me real peace of mind.

Jacobus Naude


I just wanted to thank you so much… this saved my animal’s life. It is really appreciated.

Kind regards, Keely



Dear Kerry,

WOW what an amazing organisation you are, this is my first claim, you made it easy, have been professional and settled with no issues …  Keep up the great work



Good day,

I would like to thank Medipet staff for their quick response and turnaround time. Your Communication and feedback to us as clients are fantastic!

We have already started to suggest Medipet to all our friends and families.

Thank you for the great service received



Dear MediPet,

Sadly Timone passed away on the 31 st of May.

I would like to thank you for taking such good care of Timone for the past 13 years.

You looked after all 3 of my doggy children and treated them all like they were your own.

There are no words to express my gratitude.

Thank you once again for looking after my family



Hi Jo

It was such a shock to lose Gus as we thought he would recover from this. Sadly I think the poor boy’s body was just so battered from all the years of diabetes that we had to make the decision to let him go.

He has left a huge void in our lives but we know we did the right thing for him at the end…

Thank you for all the years of supporting Gus’s medical treatment . I know  if he had not been on Medipet he would not have enjoyed the quality of life that he experienced throughout  his condition.

Best wishes, Jenny


Thank you so much… for everything…

So, this is not goodbye – but rather “see you later”  🙂

You guys have been so amazing during all the drama’s with Ruscka (and we know there were many LOL), but now especially during this very traumatic time for us,  you guys have been so much more than just an insurance policy.

You guys have literally been a lifeline – a way to allow me to give Ruscka the best medical care that was available, without having to worry about money on top of the stresses of her illnesses and now – in her final days with us.

Louise was so nice to me and showed so much compassion and empathy and both myself and my dad really appreciated it – it really went a long way for us.

MediPet was a big part of my life too the last 5 yrs, and getting familiar with all the ladies there has been both pleasant and rewarding.

It also makes the big step of finding a new love for my dad a little easier, because I know MediPet will be there for us for the next 10 yrs!

Its been an absolute pleasure dealing with everyone at MediPet, and I look forward to dealing with you all again once my dad is ready to love again 🙂 May your business flourish and may you always maintain your high standards and maintain your policy of putting furkids first 🙂 Sending much love to you all

From myself, my dad and Fatty girl xxxxxxxx


Thank you so much for your EXTREMELY fast reply – this just makes it so much easier!  Thank you!  (Ps: our vet’s receptionist can’t stop gushing about your kindness and efficiency – now I know why 😉


“I just want to thank you all at Medipet for having helped Zeno & Koko so much this year.. it is very much appreciated and I tell all my doggy friends (I am on the committee of Boxer Club Gold Reef, so move in lots of doggy circles) that taking out insurance with Medipet was the best thing I ever did!

Have a wonderful Christmas all of you, you should be able to relax a little knowing that because of the service you provide, there are many, many dogs out there receiving the medical attention which might have otherwise been beyond their owners’ means… a wonderful achievement.”


“Hi Lauren,

Thanks again for the amazing service and assistance over the last 5 years. It’s been an absolute pleasure to deal with you and the Medipet team.  When we get our new puppy one day we’ll be sure to give you guys a call and sign up once again.

Kind regards,  Michelle”


“Hi Karin,
thank you very much for the incredible way in which you have handled the passing of my baby. Through this entire trauma, you have all been so warm and friendly and have not in any way made it unpleasant to deal with the red tape.

My experience with MediPet has been surprisingly positive from day one. Your system is so hassle free and easy to use. I will most definitely contact you in the near future to insure my other 3 babies.

Warm regards”


“Hi, I would like to thank you and your team for your friendly and prompt assistance!  The last couple of months have been rather stressful with my one boy being hospitalised (only a couple of months old) and the other one undergoing tests (minor surgery was needed).  They were treated successfully and MediPet paid out without any hesitation.  I have now added my third dog, and I know that I will be able to give him the same care, without having to worry about the costs.  Thank you!”


“To MediPet:  I don’t usually write to companies about good service because as a consumer, good customer service is generally more of an expectation than an appreciation.  I would however like to take the time and this opportunity to commend MediPet on the excellent manner in which they have managed my business with them.  The professional team at MediPet are super-efficient and diligent and have tirelessly extended exceptional service each and every time, and I would like to tell the world about this great company.  Your incredible personnel and exceptional work ethic will surely take your company to great heights.  Thank you MediPet for making our insurance needs one to BRAG about!!!”

Shantal Smith Moodley

“Dear Kerry,
To say I’m impressed with Medipet’s service is an understatement!
Thank you.
I received notification of the payments.”


“Our puppy was in hospital and had a bad reaction to his operation. The cost was quite substantial with revisits to our vet. Medipet processed the claim (which was complex) and just paid out. They are amazing – prompt, friendly and you always know who you’re talking to via email.”

G. Heron

“I have claimed for my cat’s vet bills on 2 occasions and Medipet has been excellent with feedback and prompt with their payment. Thanks for actually delivering what they promise to clients.”


“I’ve been with Medipet for years, and sadly I lost one of my babies 3 weeks ago. Medipet has been so efficient with my claim and payments for years. I would suggest anyone even considering taking out pet insurance to go with Medipet, don’t even think about it. Thank you Medipet for the great service for all these years and ensuring my babies had the best medical cover possible!”


“Just wanted to thank Medipet and tell SA that these people are the best insurance company for Pet medical that you can ever belong to. In Jan this year I thanked Medipet on Hello Peter for assisting with the costs of a back operation that had to be performed on my little Pekingese. She was paralysed and in great pain.

In July this year, much t my dismay she had yet another disc that needed repairing – she was once again paralysed. Medipet has once AGAIN paid for her operation and she is getting better daily, walking again. Kerry is the kindest most humane person I have ever dealt with in my entire life. To Medipet it is not about you the client but about the animals and that is rare. They are simply the best!

Thanks so very much again again, Medipet you saved my little baby’s life and gave her back to me.”


“Dear Pete & the MediPet Team
SA Mast was delighted to have received the donation of 32kg of pet-food collected on Mandela Day for our mass animal sterilisation and primary treatment clinic in Khayelitsha.

To date we have sterilised over 8000 cats and dogs belonging to impoverished Khayelitsha pet guardians and this has only been made possible due to the generous support received from individuals and companies alike.

Your donation of pet food helped us to feed many of our patients booked in for their spay or neuter procedure and we thank you for thinking of SA Mast and our beautiful four legged friends.”

Tamsin & SA Mast

“(Dear Kerry) I would just like to say thank you for such excellent service we receive from you. It is such a pleasure to deal with people like you in today’s era where service doesn’t seem to count anymore. Thank you very much”


“We would like to take this opportunity to thank MediPet and staff for affording us the opportunity to provide the best possible care for Brooklyn, our Great Dane, right until her last day. She was a beloved companion and very much part of our family, and because of the security MediPet offered us, we never had one moment’s hesitation to provide the best possible care for her.”


“I would like to personally thank you for everything. Your service levels are great, quick and efficient.
The last claim was for our Parker, who passed away. Thank you for your advice and help through the hard times of dealing with our older doggy. You made the ups and downs much more pleasant. I appreciate to all that make up Medipet SA.”


“Hi there,
Wow! I cannot believe how outstanding you guys have been regarding our poor sick pup! He really has had a torrid time! And sadly it wasn’t over. I am hoping that this is the last claim for a while. He has been back in hospital for an abscess as a result of the operation.

Thank you for your ongoing assistance with this! We are unbelievably grateful! I am not sure what parents of animal that need help do if they don’t have MediPet!!! It would be so hard!!
Please send me forms so that I can add my other two dogs to your system.
Thank you for being so unbelievable!”


“Dear Medipet
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that I had to make the hardest decision of my life on 20th December 2013. I have actually not been able to cancel Cuba’s policy with you, because doing so would have meant he really was gone. After a traumatic year of TPLO surgeries, infections, front end (elbow) problems, and then his right cruciate ligament tear – I kept a promise I had made to him after his umpteenth surgery in 2013. I promised him NO MORE. No more pain, no more years of rehab, no more confinement – his ortho problems were too serious for him to lead the life he NEEDED to lead. He passed on the 20 December, with me cradling his head and singing his beautiful and brave soul into heaven.

Dr Michael Gray & his staff were fantastic throughout our ordeal. Cuba LOVED visiting Panorama, and he loved all his nurses, cleaners and receptionists, and the night vets etc.

Not a day goes by when I don’t sob like a child, his ashes are in his urn very close to me at all times.
He was and still is my “heart dog” – that once in a lifetime companion who owns every part of your heart. That was my Cuba, he was quite simply the greatest gift ever given to me by god. He was only 2 years and 4 months when he left this world, but he gave me 50 years of memories.

I want to thank you for your professionalism in dealing with our claims, and the WONDERFUL SUPPORT we have received from you throughout Cuba’s short life.

I hereby give notice of cancellation of the policy due to Cuba’s passing. As soon as my Cuba, who is now flying at the Bridge on 4 healthy limbs, sends me the right dog, I will contact you immediately in order to take out a new policy.

Thank you once again for all your wonderful service.”


“Dear Louise,
I am writing to you today to let you know how happy I am with the service and prompt turnaround offered to me by your company, Medipet.
I have two young, healthy and active dogs (Honey & Bono) and counted myself blessed to have never needed to submit a significant Medipet claim process before. However, with Bono’s recent cruciate injury, I submitted my claims and have been so impressed by the way in which things have been handled, and the speed in which my claims were processed. As Im sure you will appreciate, it has been a very stressful time, given the seriousness of the injury and the high level of post-operative care that is needed; and belonging to such a professional and well run insurance company has lightened the load significantly.

Bono was operated on by Dr Gray at Panorama and we have been extremely impressed, not only with him as a surgeon, but by all his supporting staff too. They are a truly compassionate and caring team of professionals and the level of care given to Bono was exceptional. The receptionist on duty when Bono was discharged could not speak more highly of Medipet, and now going through the claim process myself, and seeing the way in which it has all been handled, affirms everything that she said – and more!

I will be happy to now refer any friends and family with “furry friends” to Medipet, knowing that you will handle them with the same level of care and professionalism that you have me.
Thank you!”


“Dear Kerry & the Medipet Team,
I just wanted to take a minute to send a thank-you your way. In the last 4 months since my Labrador kid tore her knee ligaments, I have had wonderful service from you. Without your service and company I would never have been able to help her in the way that was now possible. She might never be the dog she was before the accident but you allowed me to get her back to a way where at least she is still with us and mobile.

From the bottom of my heart a BIG THANK YOU.”


“I just wanted to thank you guys.
I’ve put through so many claims this year and every time I send one through I have a moment of panic and think “Are they really going to reimburse me for this? Surely they’ll turn me down?”.
I’m so used to dealing with companies such as medical aids that promise coverage, but don’t provide what they promise that working with a company that DOES do what they say is an almost novel experience!

You guys are brilliant. You’ve saved me from immense debt, and I’ve recommended you to every single dog owner I meet on walks, as well as all my friends”