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While South Africans around the world gear up to support our Springboks in the semi-finals of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, residents of the deep south faced a crisis of a different kind this weekend.

20151023_214202While tensions ran high amid protesting and riots in the local township, Masiphumele, Medipet staff rallied when a call went out to assist the local animal shelter, Tears, in evacuating their kennels and getting their dogs to safety as violence threatened to spill over to their premises.

The response from the community was overwhelming, and Tears management, staff and volunteers soon had an organized convoy of vehicles proceeding to their kennels to rescue the dogs housed there.  Police and local Law Enforcement assisted by directing traffic and ensuring a sense of calm and order.

In no time at all dogs were being brought out to the intersection where residents were gathered to take them home.  For some, this was their first night in a real home and we suspect that many fur-ever homes will be found as people open their doors and their hearts to these animals in need.  Said one resident this morning “they have destroyed my garden and my bed.  And I LOVE it!”

After the urgency of rescuing these pups, we visited the local vet, who opened their practice to take in as many dogs as they could, and the other drop off/collection points where people were waiting to take in their fosters.  All was calm, and once the excitement died down, we headed off back home.  At the police checkpoint we were told “You guys rock! You are awesome” and we want to convey that to each and every person who raced to the rescue.  “You are all awesome!  You all rock!”

IMG-20151023-WA0002This little sweetie was assisted by Medipet staff Leisl last night.  Isn’t she gorgeous?




20151024_103007Benny gets to sleep in a new bed tonight, and he has two friends who just adore him.  He is an adorable and docile yellow lab cross, friendly and good with other dogs.



20151024_112638 (3)This is Wizzard.  He has had surgery on his head, so should be kept calm, but he is so curious about everything, and just wants to be your shadow.  He is a playful German Shepard mix but doesn’t seem too fond of our cat.  Look at those ears, they just demand love.

Medipet staff also stepped up to deliver food, water and biscuits to the boys in blue who are keeping our community safe, and assisting the residents in Masiphumelele who are terrified for their, and their families safety.

If anyone is interested in adopting one of these gorgeous faces, or any of the other lovelies, please contact Tears on 021 785 4482 to find out more about their adoption process.

And amid this highly volatile situation, there is a still a sense of unity and national pride as we prepare to cheer on our boys in green and gold.  Go Bokke!