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We’re passionate about pets –  that’s all we do. We won’t try to add-on car insurance when you claim for Fluffy’s vaccinations. We don’t have a splashy corporate marketing budget. What we will do is provide genuine, comprehensive cover. Using our veterinary qualifications, we motivate your claims with our underwriters, and review your policies on a knowledgeable case-by-case basis. Our pet-loving team faithfully and honestly partner with you every step of the way.

At MediPet we also work hard at balancing the challenge of keeping up with innovation while affording the rising international vet costs affected by the weak rand. We work hard to limit changes, because affordability is important, but we are also responsible about continuing to cover increasing vet bills. Keeping our word matters to us, and so does making sure we can continue to be there when you need us. When times get tough, we insist on not compromising your benefits, and we also don’t sneak in new T’s & C’s. We don’t suddenly try to tell you which vets you can visit, how much they can charge or what treatments they can do!

Interim adjustments are rare for us, and it’s important to us to keep our loyal members like you. Delaying adjustments to once or twice a year means you enjoy considerable savings, but we do need to rectify the situation every now and again. We can’t escape the reality when we face interim premium increases, which at first may seem disappointing. So let us take a moment to explain how MediPet works.

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Starting at the beginning, MediPet isn’t medical aid, although it may sometimes seem so because many benefits don’t incur excesses and we contribute towards some day-to-day needs such as routine care. But we’re really here to insure against the bigger things that happen in life. Simply put, you pay a small amount every month, to save yourself a possibly devastating bill down the road that you can’t afford.

MediPet is short-term medical insurance cover. This is an agreement, based on the constantly changing risks of pets. The most important influence on your policy is your recent claim history. For this reason, we encourage “smart claiming,” where many wise furry families save their claims for the bigger unforeseen expenses that can’t be budgeted for.

If you aren’t a recent claimer, it can be tricky to justify an expense when you aren’t seeing the biggest benefits. But it’s especially vital now to keep your furry friends covered, because of rising vet costs you would otherwise face alone. At any moment a significant illness, accident or emergency could cost you R35 000 for an uninsured pet, which would take more than a decade to save in annual premiums. An average claim is R1 700 and we process 200 of these every day.

What are some ways to save? We offer a multi-pet discount for pet-loving families. Our healthiest pets are also rewarded after 2 claim-free years with a  no claim discount. Our popular Top Dog & Top Cat routine care add-on provides considerable savings and assists with keeping those pesky fleas, ticks, and vaccinatable diseases at bay.

We are thankful 99% of our members choose to stay with us every month. We always want to hear feedback. As always, if you want to chat, or know more, South Africa’s favourite customer service team, your faithful and honest pet insurance partner is here for you.

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And remember, if you’re new to the family and partner with us between now and the end of January, you’ll be automatically entered into the sweepstake to win an illustration of your pet by talented artist Syd Illustrations