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Riddle: When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar!
Today we’re asking the serious question, when is a vet not a vet?  And the answer, apparently, is when they’re just a kennel hand, a neighbour, or even just an opportunistic scammer.

It’s with profound sadness that we learnt from yesterday’s news of the many pets that have died on the Cape Flats, after owners were lured by the promise of cheap treatment by fake vets posing as qualified professionals. These imposters caused the death of pets by administering incorrect treatments and vaccinations, and endangered many others.

Facing expensive vet bills can be a burden on the family’s finances, and you should never have to choose. Pets deserve proper treatment from a registered vet. According to Cape Town Etc, families interviewed after their losses are now imploring others not to be taken in by these fake operations in Cape Town’s suburbs.  They are easy to spot, as they are generally someone recommended by a friend, they offer routine care treatment (vaccinations, deworming and tick & flea control) for as little as R150, they often do not look at pets’ health cards, and, the biggest attraction of all, some provide services in the comfort of your home, something that many on the Cape Flats are grateful for, as transport is not always readily available.

Investigations are proving that those who are perpetuating this insidious practice are not qualified in any area of animal health care, although some have proven to be involved in the industry, either as kennel hands, backyard breeders, and in one case, a security guard.

What then is the alternative?  The obvious answer would be to seek professional veterinary advice and treatment only from a registered vet or welfare organization, but for many these costs are too steep.

Image Credit: Kaz/Pixabay

Pet insurance is one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa, and this is a good thing, because it is leading to healthier, happier pets. Owners can now afford the rising costs of looking after their furkids. Pet insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that when something goes wrong, like the deadly parvovirus (that was misdiagnosed by fake vets), their pets can receive the best vet treatment without worries of affordability, and families having to make devastating, difficult choices.

We cover the cost of treatments for accidents and illnesses, contribute towards routine care, and offer a host of other benefits that include dental care, rehabilitation, general and holistic wellness, supplements, and behaviour. We even offer chronic care for pets who develop illnesses that require lengthy or even lifelong treatment.

So the question then is no longer “Can I afford this?” but rather “How can I not?
Where can I join?” The answer is simple: here

Image Credit: Balouriarajesh/Pixabay