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When We Started

Founded in 2007

We introduced a revolutionary pet insurance cover to the market more than 13 years ago, to help and support pet families with costs they couldn’t otherwise afford. Our compassion and drive to look after South Africa’s pets with their diverse, complementary and holistic, and also chronic care support needs has driven development of our multiple sustainable, yet simple cover options to suit every family and budget. We stand by our commitment to offer the most comprehensive, genuine cover in the country – this is why we are still South Africa’s leading pet insurance brokers.

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Your pet always comes first with us. Every pet deserves MediPet. And so do you.

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Genuine, comprehensive cover

MediPet prides itself on our commitment to transparency. You should always read your insurance agreement carefully to understand your cover, and prevent any nasty surprises at the time you wish to claim. We offer genuine, comprehensive cover, without small print or hidden terms. This is why 98% of vets recommend MediPet.

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Your pets come first

Unlike typical pet insurance brokers, we only do pets. So your furry family aren’t an after-thought to taking out life, car and house insurance. Why? Because pets work very differently. What does this mean for you? Your pets are important to us. Join the MediPet Family.

Vet professional

In-house vet expertise

Other insurers don’t have our vet expertise, experience and passion to adequately process claims, so you get your refunds. Our inhouse vet-trained team represent each pet, partnering with your vet practice and presenting your case to the underwriters. This is how we have a 93% claim success rate, and also why 99% of our members choose to stay with us every month.

Trusted Partners

We work with a variety of established organisations

Questions to ask when choosing pet insurance cover

Do you cover common breed conditions?

MediPet welcomes all shapes and sizes of dogs & cats. We have no breed restrictions, and cover all common breed conditions.

Do you apply sub-limits within your annual maximum cover?

Our Essential & Ultimate plans have no sublimits, but many other insurance plans do. Look out for specific limits per medical expense also known as a “sub-limit,” which may even be applied within limits of a claim for treatments including consultation fees, hospitalisation, procedures (x-rays, surgery etc), blood tests & medication.

Do you have a maximum limit per claim?

There is no limit per claim on Accident, Essential & Ultimate plans. Lite, our limited cover option, has a maximum limit of R13 760 per claim.

Do you offer chronic support care for ongoing conditions?

This is a unique benefit to MediPet, offered as an optional add-on to Lite, Essential & Ultimate pets.

Do dental care claims come out of your routine care benefit?

Fortunately, not with MediPet. Ultimate’s annual maximum of R50 000 per policy year allows for 1 dental claim per year.

Not just an animal-related company, but so obviously run by real animal lovers - in my experience, they are the best and nicest kind of people.

Lisa Mallac

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