Premium Saver

Looking for more ways to save?

MediPet now offers all Lite, Essential & Ultimate plan members a revolutionary program that allows you to structure your excesses in order to save on your premiums.

We’re calling it the Premium Saver!

If you opt in for a R1 000 flat excess on all general, specific & dental claims, we’ll discount your premium by 7.5%. You could save even more, by choosing a R2 000 flat excess on all general, specific & dental claims, for a 15% discount on your premium!

You will just pay R1 000 or R2 000 per claim (depending on which option you choose) on these benefits.

This would replace the following:

  • General claim excess of 18%, minimum of R350 per claim
  • Specific excess of 25%, minimum of R500 per claim for gastro-intestinal conditions, lameness, skin conditions, ear & eye conditions, respiratory & spinal conditions
  • Dental care: 20%, minimum of R500 per annual claim (for Ultimate plan members only)

Other excesses on your plan, such as the 18% applied to holistic wellness (including supplements), emergency boarding fees & chronic care support plan will not be affected.

Benefits that do not normally have excesses applied to claims will still have no excesses applied, such as Top Pet Routine Care, prescription food, behavioural therapy, missing pet advertising, theft of a dog, & the condolence contribution.

If you wish to activate the Premium Saver, please complete the form below & submit to our team for processing.

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