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Renewal Updates

Hello MediPet Furry Family!

You’ve found the spot to dig deeper, & sniff out all the improvements to your cover for the coming new policy year, from 1 June 2023.

If you’re happy with your cover, there is nothing for you to do! Hip, hip, hooray!
All your annual benefits & maxes will be automatically refreshed by us for you, this June.

Let’s take a walk…(keep on scrolling & sniffing down)

What’s got better?

A Day-2-Day benefit with our lowest excess ever!

Due to popular demand, we are now providing our comprehensive plan members (Essential & Ultimate360) with a low R250 excess per claim for those smaller, everyday claims when your pet isn’t admitted for hospitalisation. What does that mean for you? You can now get more out of your insurance cover by claiming for those quick, in & out, day-to-day treatments (but not routine care e.g. vaccinations etc.) done in the consult room, with our lowest excess. Woohoo! This is our way of giving you more out of your cover, by lowering this excess, we are helping you with costs that typically fall outside of unforeseen, significant accident & illness insurance. What a barking good deal!

  • Essential plan members have R1 400 per Day-2-Day claim, up to R6 000 a year.
  • Ultimate360 plan members have R1 600 per Day-2-Day claim, up to R7 500 a year.

This would not be applicable for pets on other plans.

This will also not be applicable for any procedures performed on Essential & Ultimate360 members in hospital, while admitted. Hospital claims for these pets (as well as post-operative care claims linked to a hospitalisation within 30 days of discharge) will be deducted from the annual maximum, & have a Hospital Excess of 25%, R350 minimum excess per claim.

(P.S. Puh-leeze remember, if you have chosen one of our Premium Saver fixed excesses, this Day-2-Day excess won’t apply to your day-to-day claims, & your Premium Saver excess will impact your Day-2-Day benefit claimable.)

(P.P.S. As always, this is still insurance. Therefore, claims for the same condition for more than 3 months – even if Day-2-Day – will need a chronic care plan if you wish to continue claiming for it for the rest of that policy year.)

Yep, we’re increasing annual maximums again…

Essential members will now have cover up to a tail-thumping R60 000 per year. Ultimate360 members will enjoy access to an unprecedented R72 000 a year, for their complete peace-of-mind!

Revamped, lower excesses we think you’ll high-paw!

We have chased the lowest excess ever for our comprehensive cover to make your life simpler, bills more affordable, & your cover even better. (Is that even possible?!)

  • Accident plan has a 15%, R150 minimum excess per claim
  • Lite plan has 20%, R300 minimum excess per claim
  • Essential & Ultimate360 Day-2-Day claims have a R250 excess per claim
  • Essential & Ultimate360 Hospital claims have a 25%, R350 minimum excess per claim

(Say goodbye to the Specific & Multi-Claim Sliding Excess!)

All other excesses remain unchanged. We know you’ll agree this is just about the best, tail-chasing news ever!


What’s not changing?

We’re still saying “yes” to genuine, comprehensive cover, & NO to sub-limits! What does that mean, & what are sub-limits, we hear you ask.

Well, imagine your insurer promised you R72 000 a year for insurance cover. But when it came time to claim, you could only get a portion refunded due to sneaky sub-limit line items on your invoice for treatments such as medications, surgeries, radiology, pathology, hospitalisation…we could go on. We won’t go on, because we know you get the picture. We don’t question your vet on what treatments they deem necessary for your pets’ health. On a comprehensive plan, your annual max is just that – & when your pet is hospitalised they could spend your entire annual max on the treatments your pet needs. Our commitment to this genuine cover continues to keep us ahead of the pack!
Isn’t that simply meow-velous?

Updates to premiums

Starting off, annual premium adjustments, everyone’s pet peeve, are vital with vet inflation costs and claim statistics projected to be around 12% this year. Inflationary increases affect everybody, & can be expected every year at the time of renewal.

As your pet ages, premiums will be further adjusted to reflect the increased risk, as older pets need more medical assistance

As with all insurance, claiming patterns also will affect those pets’ premiums, as this is not a medical aid. So your claims this policy year, may reflect in a further 10% increase above the standard inflationary increase for all pets

“Smart claimers” that enjoyed the 10% 2-year No-Claims discount, but have now claimed, will be adjusted to the standard new inflationary rate

The 10% multi-pet discount may further affect your premium if a pet has been added or removed from your family policy

Last but not least, do keep in mind that premiums are calculated at an individual pet level – not a family policy level. In other words, you may have one pet with different factors only affecting their premium, not the rest of the other pets in the family.

What else is great!

Upfront & direct payments to your vet

In order to further pawtner with you, when it comes to helping you with your finances, remember we can always pay your vet directly, & upfront, if they agree to it.

Putting our paw down on exclusions

Any previous endorsements you may have had related to waiting period (& therefore deemed “pre-existing”) conditions, will no longer be applied!

What’s more, ongoing 50% co-payments you may have had will no longer be co-shared by you after that waiting period. And…wait for it…we’ve removed the excess for your co-shared payments. Now, isn’t that just the cat’s whiskers?

MORE support for our chronic care pets

News to bark about: If you had an exclusion due to a covered condition that then required a chronic care support plan, & this was not taken up, you will now be able to claim for this same chronic condition EVERY policy year moving forward, yes, EVERY policy year, up to 3 (non-consecutive) months!

One more reminder…

Paw promise, we’re not changing a thing about our popular paws & claws routine care add-ons, but we thought we’d just remind you about this savings option. We have paid out almost R11m in routine care claims for tick, flea, deworming, vaccination, grooming, sterilisation, microchipping, nail-clipping, training & puppy socialization classes! #fleasmustfall

Last but not least…

Your entire team is here for you during this renewal process, yes, even when the cats’ away, so reach out to chat about
anything related to your cover. We’ll make sure we get you your answers. And pronto!

Thank you again for choosing MediPet, as your partner in genuine, comprehensive, transparent pet insurance cover.
We’re more than 150% committed to giving you our very best! That’s because…Every pet deserves MediPet. And so do you.