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T’s & C’s Of Your Application For Cover | 2024

  • Submission of an online application is not a request for a quote, & constitutes acceptance of all terms & conditions.

1. Payments

  • Monthly premiums are automatically debited on the evening of the 1st of the month via debit order. Should your elected debit date fall on a weekend or public holiday, collection will be on the next working day.
  • Annual payments are payable in advance via EFT for the following 12 months.
  • If cover is accepted by both parties it will be backdated to reflect the date the application was submitted as the start date.
  • If you join during the course of a month, & are a monthly-payment member, the first month’s premium due by debit order at the beginning of the following month will include a pro-rata amount for what is left of the current month.
  • Pro-rata monthly payments do not apply to annual payment members & they will be advised separately of the amount & details of the EFT transfer required for the following 12 months of cover.
  • If debit order payments are unsuccessful, no claims during this period will be paid. You have 30 days grace from the date the payment was due to make payment for continuous cover, subject to underwriter’s approval.
  • All cover will automatically lapse after 30 days, should premiums not be paid.

2. Disclosure:

  • Full disclosure of medical history on joining Lite, Essential & Ultimate360 plans is vital.
  • Not doing so could compromise your cover, or result in lapsed cover & your claim(s) will not be paid.
  • This could mean exclusions or additional waiting periods applied to certain conditions. Non-disclosure could also lead to cancellation of your policy at any time.

3. Cancellation

  • Should you choose to cancel your cover within the first 14 days (this is called ‘the cooling-off period’), you will be given a full refund of premium(s) paid. After this period lapses, a calendar month notice period is required. Annual payment members cancelling will be refunded premiums pro-rata.
  • In the event of a successfully approved claim in this period, your right to cancel terminates.

4. Communication

  • Email is our primary method of communicating. If an email is not returned as undelivered, we deem it received. Should your email address change, it is important to update this information with us in writing.
  • The onus is on you to keep us updated with changes.

5. Policy Wording

  • Details of cover & exclusions are set out in your policy wording document, & by accepting these terms & conditions, you agree to the terms in the wording.

6. Vet Fee

  • By accepting MediPet’s cover, you acknowledge that the vet fee is mandatory, & your cover cannot exclude this.

Download & read the Policy Wording here

Valid as at 12pm, 31 May 2024.

MediPet is underwritten by Renasa Insurance Company Ltd, non-life insurer.