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Discover a purr-fect retreat for your feline friend by browsing through our carefully curated list of 10 charming catteries in Cape Town that our members love.

Whether you’re in search of a simple, cosy environment that serves as a “home-away-from-home,” or a luxurious cat hotel offering specialised care, vet-approved meals, or even live webcam monitoring —there’s a cattery on this list that will meet your requirements.

These catteries provide peace-of-mind, ensuring your cat receives the attention, comfort, & care they deserve while you’re away. From short-term stays to extended vacations, options are available for overnight boarding, as well as daytime cat-sitting services.

With a range of options to cater to both you & your kitty, read on to find the ideal match to suit your needs.

What is a cattery & what is cat boarding?

Cat boarding refers to the service where you can place your feline friend in a specialised facility designed exclusively for your kitties.

Catteries are establishments that provide cat boarding facilities. They provide a safe, clean, comfortable & supervised environment for kitties when owners are away on holiday, or unavailable during the day. While a cattery usually provides overnight boarding as well as daycare services for cats, it is best to check with them to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

In a cattery, your cat will be looked after diligently; they’ll be fed using vet-approved meals (or food you supply), offered spaces to play & administered any specific medication they may require. Many catteries also go beyond the basics to provide an array of additional services such as grooming, emergency vet access, live cameras for owners to keep tabs on their pets, & even pick-up & drop-off services.

Continue reading to discover our top picks for the best catteries in Cape Town.

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10 Charming catteries in Cape Town

Let’s delve into a diverse selection of catteries designed to offer top-notch care & excellent service for your feline companions.

We’ve collected a list of catteries in the Cape Town area, including cat boarding facilities in the Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Southern Peninsula, & on the West Coast.

Whether you’re in search of a cattery that simply offers a safe, short-term haven for your fur babies, or a cattery that offers specialised care, grooming or wellness services, you can find a cattery on our list that will meet your requirements.

Learn more about each cattery’s cat boarding services, including their location, range of services, boarding requirements, links to Facebook, Google reviews & more.

1. Cher Boarding Cattery

Location: Starke Road, Bergvliet

Looking for a five-star, owner-run & managed cattery? Look no further than Cher Boarding Cattery. With 25 years of owner-run & managed operation, they provide experienced personal care & attention, & meet all medical requirements to ensure your feline friend feels right at home. As a registered breeder of Siamese kittens, the facility has plenty of experience caring for cats of all ages & breeds.

Explore their overnight & daycare services below & book your stay on Cher Boarding Cattery’s website. You can also read what other pet owners have said about them on Google & Facebook.

Boarding details & pricing:

Cher Boarding Cattery ensures each cat has its sanctuary by offering private spaces in separate wendy houses. The spaces come equipped with warm blankets to keep your cat cosy. A tranquil outdoor garden area allows for exploration, & plenty of love & personal attention are provided.

Pricing details are available upon enquiry.

Extra services & additional benefits:

Enquire to find out about extra services or benefits available for your fur-babies & for any special requests.

Requirements for stay:

You will need to enquire to find out more about any vaccinations, deworming or other essential treatments required before admitting your kitty for boarding.

2. Hackett Hounds & Cats

Location: Main Road, Kirstenhof

Hackett Hounds is a family-owned & operated cattery & dog daycare that goes above & beyond to provide high-quality care for your feline companions. Known for its high standards of care, the cattery also doubles as a grooming parlour staffed by experienced groomers.

Interested owners can make a booking through the cattery booking form on their website. You can also read reviews on Google, Facebook, & explore their Instagram.

Boarding details & pricing:

At Hackett Hounds you’ll find a range of accommodation options to suit your cat’s needs & your budget. Their most popular options are shared indoor/ outdoor spaces that house 4-6 cats. If you prefer something more private, single or double occupancy suites are available, as well as family suites that can accommodate up to three cats from the same family.

Amenities go beyond the basics, including bedding at various heights, toys, catnip, & scratching posts. Litter boxes are cleaned twice daily, & they offer foods like Hills Science Plan & Royal Canin, although owners can bring their own food if preferred.

In terms of pricing, shared accommodation is available at R120 per cat per day. A family of 3 or more cats is charged at R110 per cat per day. Private units are available at R250 for a single cat, R300 for 2 cats from the same family, & R390 for three cats from the same family. Long-term stays of 30 days or more qualify for a 5% discount.

Extra services & additional benefits:

In addition to quality cat boarding services, Hackett Hounds also offers a variety of grooming & spa services. These include wash & blow-dry packages, nail trimming, teeth brushing, & matt removal.

Requirements for stay:

Before your cat’s stay, you’ll need to provide proof of vaccination, either in person or via email. All flea, tick, & deworming treatments must be up-to-date or will be administered upon arrival. The facility caters to sterilised cats only, with exceptions made for kittens up to six months old. A 50% deposit is required for bookings.

3. Fourways Cattery

Location: Jangada Street, Sun Valley

Fourways Cattery is an indoor cat boarding facility based next to Fourways Veterinary Clinic in Sun Valley, Cape Town. The facility is comfortable & caters for both short-term and long-term guests

If you’re interested in making a reservation for Fourways Cattery, you can visit their cattery services page & use the contact details to book via email or phone. You can also explore their reviews on Google or check out their Facebook page.

Boarding details & pricing:

Fourways Cattery offers shared & private accommodations for their feline guests (contact them directly for more information). The facility ensures that comfortable bedding is provided for each cat, & they also encourage bringing a blanket from home to make your pet’s stay more comfortable.

Medication, including tablets & injections, can be administered according to needs. Food options include renowned brands like Hills or Royal Canin. While specific activities for the cats haven’t been disclosed, it’s clear they aim to make every feline guest as comfortable as possible. Pricing details are available upon enquiry.

Extra services & additional benefits:

What sets Fourways Cattery apart is their comfortable & quiet facilities, designed specifically for your cat’s relaxation & wellbeing. For an extra touch of luxury, their grooming services include pet bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, & hair & coat trimming, among other treatments.

Requirements for stay:

Information regarding necessary vaccinations, temperament & social behaviour assessments, as well as flea, tick, & deworming treatments are not provided, so you might want to enquire directly about these specifics.

4. The Tortoise Shell

Location: Oryx Crescent, Goedemoed

The Tortoise Shell is a boutique cat hotel run by a cat-adoring hostess, & offers an extraordinary cattery experience with a range of luxurious services designed for feline comfort. With a small number of fancy cottages, this cattery brings a unique & intimate atmosphere that sets it apart. Explore their cat cottages to check availability & book online. Reviews are available on Google, Facebook, & you can also explore their Instagram.

Boarding details & pricing:

When it comes to boarding, The Tortoise Shell offers fancy luxury cottages that can comfortably host up to three cats from the same family. Each cottage comes equipped with amenities like vertical territory, drinking fountains, & a variety of toys to keep your cats engaged. In addition to the physical comforts, each cat enjoys personalised feeding, regular check-ins, & individual playtime.

Rates are charged per night for the entire luxury cat cottage, excluding meals. Peak season prices are R400 per night & R350 for the off-season. If you plan to book for seven days or longer, you can take advantage of a 25% discount.

Extra services & additional benefits:

Beyond the basics, The Tortoise Shell offers a few additional amenities that make it a standout choice. From live in-cottage webcams to fresh grass, filtered water fountains, & super-absorbent sand-like litter that is scooped twice daily – every detail is taken care of.

You’ll also receive daily reports on your cat’s well-being, & they’ll even provide extra games for energetic cats, & heating during winter months.

Requirements for stay:

Make sure your cat has up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, as well as all necessary tick & flea treatments before booking.

5. Cattitudes

Location: Jute Crescent, Langeberg Ridge

Cattitudes is a boutique cat hotel that offers a 5 “paw” experience for your kitty. Specialising in a safe & loving environment, Cattitudes goes above & beyond to prioritise your cat’s well-being, making it the perfect choice for a stress-free stay.

You can visit their website to book or explore each of the seven suites available. You can also find reviews from other cat owners on Google & Facebook. Their Instagram may also help you find out more about their facilities.

Boarding details & pricing:

Cattitudes offers a variety of accommodation with seven suites & a sunny lounge area for social interaction & exploration. Your cat’s day will consist of physical check-ups, cuddles, & playtime in the lounge, along with comfortable bedding & litter provisions.

There are flexible food arrangements: you can bring your own food or opt for Hills Science Diet food at an additional cost of R20 per day per cat. The pricing is set at R100 per night for a single cat, while double occupancy is available at R180 in the Alley Cat suite only. Discounts of 10% for bookings of 10 or more nights, & 20% for bookings of 30 or more nights are available.

Extra services & additional benefits:

Apart from providing lovely suites & personalised care, Cattitudes also provides daily updates with pics & videos to keep you connected with your fur-baby. They also offer a collection & delivery service for added convenience. There is also a cat tunnel, hammock, & a signature Cattitudes scratch post, as well as a comfy couch for relaxation.

Requirements for stay:

Before you book, ensure your cat has all necessary vaccination requirements; proof must be provided upon drop off. Flea, tick, & deworming treatments must also be up-to-date, or they can be provided & charged at R150.

6. NORSAH Kennels & Cattery

Location: Spes Bona Road, Fisantekraal

For those in search of quality care for their feline friends, NORSAH Cat Boarding Kennels could be the purr-fect choice. This facility is based on a small-holding & is owner-run with support from a team of animal-lovers. NORSAH caters to short-term, long-term, & day-boarding options.

You can book online via their website. You can also read about what past clients have to say, check out their reviews on Google, & browse their Instagram to explore the facilities.

Boarding details & pricing:

NORSAH provides units that are indoors, & enclosed to ensure a peaceful & personal environment. Activities include climbing ladders & scratching posts, & guests are encouraged to bring their own toys & scratchpads.

With an option to feed your cats twice a day with CatMor Cat Pellets, they also welcome owners to provide their own food. Comfy bedding is supplied for every feline guest. Prices are R85 per cat per day, & those looking for long-term boarding will need to settle the monthly bill in advance. Should your cat need medication, including injectables, NORSAH is equipped to assist.

Extra services & additional benefits:

NORSAH distinguishes itself through its comfortable & quiet facilities. Special attention is given to kittens, elderly cats, & those with unique medical or dietary needs. Additional services such as collection and drop-off are available.

Requirements for stay:

Proof of vaccinations must be provided before boarding. All cats must not have an aggressive temperament or pose a threat to other cats or carers.

7. Blue Mountain Kennels & Cattery

Location: Honeyvale Road, Klein Dassenberg

Offering a full range of boarding services for your fur-babies, Blue Mountain Kennels prioritises comfort & safety for all kitties. With decades of combined experience in pet care, the team actively supervises pets & facilitates both physical activities & social interactions in group settings.

To book check out their contact details on the website. You can also read about what past clients have to say, check out their reviews on Google & browse their Facebook or Instagram to see their posts.

Boarding details & pricing

Blue Mountain Kennels offers spacious indoor catteries equipped to meet your cat’s every need. Food is included in the boarding fee, & owners can provide special diets or medication for administration. The facility charges R70 per cat per day for boarding, with discounts for long-term boarders or multiple kitties (4 or more).

Extra services & additional benefits:

In addition to quality care, Blue Mountain Kennels offers the option for heating in your cat’s unit during the winter (at an additional cost). A collection & delivery service is also available.
The kennel can also provide advice on national & international pet travel, relying on a network of migration, semi-migration & emigration specialists to ensure that all vet check-ups & inoculations are up-to-date.

Requirements for stay:

Before checking in your cat, be aware that Blue Mountain Kennels requires a 5-in-1 annual vaccination completed within the last 12 months, & a rabies vaccination not older than 3 years.

8. Your Cat Shack Cattery

Location: Visagie Street, Bothasig

Run by passionate animal-lovers, this owner-managed, full-time cattery focuses on creating a safe & comfortable environment for your feline friends. With spacious enclosures that can accommodate up to three cats from the same family, they offer more than just “a place” for your cat to stay.

To find out more about Cat Shack visit their website & book using their contact details. You can also explore their Google & Facebook reviews, & browse their Instagram for a glimpse inside the facility.

Boarding details & pricing:

The cattery provides various types of accommodations fully equipped with beds, blankets, toys, & litter trays. Litter is also supplied, making sure your cat feels right at home. Your Cat Shack offers affordable rates, available upon enquiry.

Extra services & additional benefits:

The facility offers vet visits for an additional cost, ensuring your pet receives all the necessary medical attention while in their care.

Requirements for stay:

Owners are required to provide food for their cats during their stay.

9. Pet Cottages

Location: Vogelvlei Road, Cape Farms

Run by devoted pet-lovers, Pet Cottages specialises in both short & long-term stays, making it an ideal choice for those relocating internationally. Set in a rural backdrop featuring goats, peacocks, & chickens, this cattery goes above & beyond to ensure your cat receives personal attention & a touch of the countryside.

To learn more about Pet Cottages & book, visit their website. You can also read their reviews on Google, Facebook & explore their Instagram to find out more.

Boarding details:

Pet Cottages offers 16 secure units within a roofed building. Each unit comes with access to a communal lounge area, where your cat can enjoy sunbathing or lounging. The facility provides a range of toys & prioritises special care to make sure your feline friend is comfortable.

When it comes to feeding, they typically offer Whiskers & Friskies, but are flexible to accommodate your cat’s diet if you prefer to provide your own food.

Pricing is set at R80 per day, with discounts available for stays extending beyond 30 days.

Extra services & additional benefits:

For those who want extra peace-of-mind, vet visits can be arranged for an additional fee. Heating is also available at an extra cost.

Requirements for stay:

A mandatory 5-in-1 annual vaccine is required for all feline guests.

10. My Eden Boarding Cattery

Location: Bothasig

My Eden Cattery provides a safe, clean & happy environment with modern condo & villa spaces for short & long term boarders. The cattery is run by experienced breeders adept at meeting each kitty’s individual needs, including older cats & cats with special needs.

You can visit their website to find out more & make a reservation. They also have reviews to explore on Google & Facebook, & their Instagram can give you a glimpse of the facilities.

Boarding details:

My Eden provides modern condos that can comfortably house up to 3 cats with plenty of space available. Villa units are identical to modern condos except that are much larger, housing a family of up to 6 cats.

Plenty of beds of different heights are available with warm bedding, loads of toys & scratch posts. Units are cleaned daily including a litter & water change. There are spots for sunning themselves, exploring & playtime with plenty of fresh air & natural light.

Pricing starts at R95 per cat per day, with a discounted rate for a second cat (R80) & a third cat (R60). Cats are fed Whiskers & Friskies, or you can provide your own food for mealtimes.

Extra services & additional benefits:

Regular updates including pictures or videos are provided via WhatsApp to keep you informed.

Requirements for stay:

Cats must be up to date on yearly vaccinations including flea treatments. Flea treatment is available on-site at the owner’s cost (R220).

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Final thoughts on catteries in Cape Town

Cape Town boasts an array of outstanding catteries, each bringing its unique services & amenities to cater to your feline friend’s specific needs & preferences.

Whether you’re seeking a simple “home-away-from-home” or a luxury cattery that provides specialised care, vet-approved meals, live monitoring, grooming or other extras – there’s a cat boarding facility in Cape Town tailored to suit your needs.

To help you make an informed decision, our guide “how to pick a dog hotel or cattery before going away” offers valuable insights & steps for choosing the best cattery for fur-babies.

Investing in robust, all-encompassing pet insurance amplifies your peace-of-mind, especially when you’re away. Knowing that your cat is covered for unforeseen emergencies & other significant illnesses or accidents provides an additional layer of comfort.

At MediPet, we specialise in offering comprehensive, transparent, & genuine insurance cover for both cats & dogs. Depending on your chosen plan, our plans can include accidents, illnesses, & even pre-existing condition cover. We also offer optional add-ons like routine care & ongoing chronic care support plans to suit the needs of your four-pawed best friend.

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