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Lexi Becomes an Angel in Blue

By May 31, 2017No Comments

Lexi, the Medipet sposored K9 Unit pup has become the latest sponsor of  Blue Angels, the corporate social investment initiative of Blue Security.  Lexi’s job will be to keep education about the work of K9 units, and the uplifting experience of interacting with working police dogs, in the spotlight at schools, orphanages, hospices and shelters.

Darren Lategan, marketing manager at Blue Security and a trustee of Blue Angels, said they had heard about the plight of metro policeman, Jacques Fourie, who needed a new show dog to continue with the educational awareness campaigns.  He adds that “We jumped at the opportunity to step up and assist to keep this valuable educational work going in our schools and local community organisations.”

“We assisted him by contributing toward the purchase of Lexi, an adorable pedigree Sable German Shepherd puppy.  Lexi will be used as a show dog to educate school children about the work of police K9 units.”  She will also accompany Captain Blue, Blue Security’s school project mascot, to teach them about safety, security and the dangers of crime.

Fourie said Blue Angels’ gesture would enable him to continue with his passion and the legacy of his previous German Shepherd show dogs Fancy and Kongo. “I lost Fancy who I used to take to schools to educate children about police dogs and police work, last year to cancer,” Fourie said.

Insp. Fourie’s former show dog Kongo was diagnosed with a heart disease and the company helped provide strong media awareness to fundraise more than R27 000 to pay his medical bills. However, Kongo eventually died from an unrelated illness in 2013. “Lexi will continue Fancy’s legacy by going with me to visit schools, old age homes, hospices and shelters for abused women and children to educate people about police dogs and the work of the metro police. We go wherever the community needs some sort of upliftment and to teach them metro police are not just there to charge and fine motorists,” he said.

He added that her medical bills will be fully covered by MediPet, whose policy covers all accidents, illnesses and emergencies.

“Lexi is 5 months old so she is still young, but I am taking her out and she is getting used to riding in the van. I will train her to sniff out explosives and also teach her a few other tricks before taking her out for her first shows at local schools,” Fourie said.


Copy and images courtesy of Insp. Jacques Fourie