Renewal Updates

Welcome MediPet Family!
Sniff out your 2022 Annual Renewal in’s & out’s here!

What’s got better?

Your annual maxes on Lite, Essential & Ultimate360° (originally called “Ultimate”) plans were reviewed, in light of all our 2021 pets’ growing needs.

Wait for it…On Lite plan you are covered up to R40 000 a year! Essential has been boosted to R55 000! And Ultimate360° plan’s annual max is now an unprecedented R65 000 every year!


Benefits everybody asked about

Introducing even more optional routine care add-ons for every little bit of your Bella’s day-to-day needs

Routine Supreme – for R195 per month, R3 300 per year (R960 savings) – this one is brand new, moms & dads!

Routine In-Between (Originally called “Top Pet Double Up Routine Care Add-On”) – for R130 per month, R2 200 (R640 savings).

Routine Lean (Originally called “Top Pet Routine Care Add-On”) – for R65 per month, R1 100 (R320 savings).

This can now also be used for your fur-baby’s grooming, nail-clipping, training, & even puppy socialisation classes, as well as all your other routine care needs! What’s more, your routine care add-ons can now be “topped up” at any time.

Our top plan, Ultimate360° has been supercharged to include some exciting new benefits for your Bella:

  • Sterilisation is now claimable up to R1 200 from your annual max.
  • You asked, we answered: Cremation costs are now also claimable.*
  • Dental now has a 25%, minimum R500 excess per claim.

Ways to save

Premium Saver add-on is a game-changer, no-brainer. All members on Lite, Essential & Ultimate360° plans can now save up to 15% on their monthly premiums, with a fixed excess that can save them on claims too!

  • Premium Saver 1 000 saves you 7.5% on your premium each & every month, & with its fixed excess of R1 000 per claim, replacing the Lite excess, or the General, Specific, Multi-Claim Sliding & dental excesses for Essential & Ultimate360° plan members! Holy woof?!
  • Premium Saver 2 000 discounts your premiums by even more! You’ll get 15% off your premiums every month. Once again, the fixed excess of R2 000 replaces excesses for Lite, or the General, Specific, Multi-Claim Sliding & dental excesses on Essential & Ultimate° plans! What are you waiting for?

(Holistic wellness, supplements, emergency boarding fees & chronic care support excesses will not be affected. Routine care, sterilisation, prescription food, behavioural therapy, missing pet advertising, theft of a dog, & cremation benefits will still have no excess.)

Remember, Lite plan is still our best cover for the market-competitive price, & has more than doubled in membership during these uncertain times. This is our must-have minimum plan all pets need. Puh-leeze check it out!


What other changes to expect & why

Excesses have been restructured as they needed to discourage smaller, frequent claiming. This protects the rest of our pets, like Harper, by limiting the necessary resulting impact on ALL premiums. (It was this, or the impossible: sub-limits.)


Our new multi-claimant sliding scale excess for general & specific Essential & Ultimate360° claims means:

  • After your pet’s paid claims (of 3 or more) in a policy year totals more than R6 000, your future claim excesses will be 30% of the claim, minimum of R1 000 per claim.
  • After your pet’s paid claims (of 3 or more) in a policy year totals more than R9 000, your future claim excesses will be 30% of the claim, minimum of R1 250 per claim.

What else is great

  • The No-Claim Discount has now been doubled to 10%.
  • Our multi-pet discount has also doubled to 10%.
  • A whopping 13% more of our members’ refunds were paid back to you this last year.
  • Your claims are being refunded faster (on ave 7 working days).
  • Your MediPet team has grown by 25%, all in order to better partner with you!

We know times are tough & everyone is looking to cut costs. For those who are asking themselves the hard questions, please reconsider if you can afford NOT to have any insurance at all. Few of us can afford a vet bill of R55 000, or even R10 000 today. If you’re struggling, please do give this pawse for thought. Chat to us. We’re here for you.

Chat To Us

To find out more about all these changes, please curl up on the couch with your favourite hot drink, furbaby, & your latest policy wording attached to your renewal email.

*Up to R1 000 per dog, & R500 per cat. This now replaces the “Condolence Contribution”