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All claims have excesses applied to them, and deducted from your refund. An excess is the small amount you pay on every insurance claim. The only benefits (across various plan benefits) we don’t apply an excess to are Top Pet Routine Care Add-On, behavioural therapy, missing pet advertising, prescription food, & condolence contribution claims.

Check your plan details for your individual excess information.

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Waiting periods

All plans, except for accident plans, have waiting periods. Check your pet insurance plan details for your individual waiting period information. Every pet and their cover is evaluated on an individual case-by-case basis. Please remember, all pets requiring medical attention must be seen by a vet, even if it is during a waiting period, and doing so is a general condition of our cover.

How To Claim

Pre-existing conditions

Any accident, illness, operation, injury, or behaviour condition(s) currently existing, or showing signs & symptoms, or needing treatment prior to joining, or within a waiting period are deemed to be “pre-existing” and not covered. Full disclosure is essential, and not doing so could compromise your cover, and lead to cancellation.

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  • Make sure you submit your claims to us within 60 days of initial treatment on the invoice so we can process them.
  • Our inhouse vets and vet-trained team will partner with you, your vet practice and the underwriters using their expertise to help process your claim smoothly, quickly and successfully. We are proud of our 93% claim success rate – just one of the reasons 99% of our members choose to stay with us every month.

Our Most Common Claims

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Common Insurance Claims - Ears and Eyes

Ear & Eye

Common insurance claims- cancer


MediPet is an exceptional and professional service provider. My experience with them has been nothing but smooth and simple with friendly staff helping us along all the way through our claim. Thank you again for great service.

Brolin De Leur

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