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This week we’re introducing you to Kiki, our mascot, who puts in a lot of time in the office, well at least in summer she does, when the sun is out and she’s got her zoomies on.

Come winter, Kiki is not a fan of rising early and putting in a full day.  In fact, in winter Kiki prefers the comfort of working from home, but don’t worry, she keeps a close eye on the goings on in the office.

This Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day, so Kiki’s putting in the extra effort, and making sure that her followers put their best game face on, get into the office and show the hoomans how it’s done.

Follow Kiki on her adventures this week, and do your bit on Friday – Take your dog to work.

And if you want to know more of what Kiki does daily, follow her on MediPet | Facebook,   #medipetsa • Instagram photos and videos and