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We recently received this letter from a client and felt we had to share it, given Sooty’s amazing progress.  Here is Sooty’s story, told by his dad, Maurice

Sooty Snip 3In November 2012 Sooty was diagnosed with lymph cancer. He had a large growth removed from under his front leg and a biopsy showed he had a very aggressive form of the cancer. The Vet was very pessimistic about his chances of surviving more than three months. 

The vet said that chemotherapy was available but it was doubtful it would prolong his life for very much longer.   The outlook was grim and we were upset at the thought of losing him. He had been with us for over eight years when we adopted him from the local Richards Bay SPCA. He was estimated to have been under two years old when we got him but he had not been treated well.

After so long he was along with five other adopted dogs part of the family and we hated the thought of losing any of them.

I first took him to a homeopathic vet in Durban but the treatment did not really do much for him.  In fact it made him worse and we quickly decided that this was not for Sooty.

The vet had put Sooty on a regime of 1/4 tablet of Cimetidine (200mg)twice a day and every second day 3 tablets Prenisolone  5mg(Steroids).

I then had a good look around the Internet for alternative treatments and I found that for Sooty`s condition Graviola leaf was highly recommended in conjunction with Hemp seed oil. For the protection the liver  from the steroids I added Milk of Thistle.

I found one place in South Africa that supplied Graviola leaves in a capsule form. Health Works in Johannesburg

I contacted them and spoke to one of their reps and she recommended that besides the Graviola leaves Sooty should take a supplement called Serrapeptase in a capsule form.

The schedule worked out like this on a repeatable basis:

Saturday PM   ¼ tablet Cimetidine , 2 Surrapeptase

Sunday AM      ¼ Tablet Cimetidine,  2 Surrapeptase, 1 Graviola, I Milk thistle. Tea spoon Hemp Oil

Sunday PM      ¼ tablet Cimetidine , 2 Surrapeptase

Monday AM    ¼ Tablet Cimetidine, 3 Prenisolone (Small white) 2 Surrapeptase, 1 Graviola, I Milk thistle. Tea spoon Hemp Oil

I found the best way to give Sooty the medication was opening the capsules or crushing the tablets , putting the powder in to a plastic tube ( the barrel of a syringe proved ideal) and pouring it in to his mouth. The Hemp Oil was administered by a plastic syringe. This was followed by a treat so he knew the treat was going to follow the treatment.

Sooty Snip 1 He had cancer growths on the front of his neck. Once I started the treatment, it seemed to slow the growth of the tumours, it did not stop them but definitely slowed them down.

Sooty has now gone 30 months beyond the vets prognosis and he is still with us. Suffering more the affects of old age rather than the cancer. He has poor vision and his hearing is not as good as it was but he still likes a fuss made of him and enjoys his food.

Medipet were extremely helpful when I approached them with this alternative treatment putting Sooty on to chronic medication and accepting the treatment as within the scope of the insurance.

The cost of the treatment is around R800 per month and its been worth it with the help of Medipet as I must have done something right. Cannot say if all the ingredients are necessary but something is working so if it works I am not going to change anything.

I hope someone finds this useful and it works as successfully for them as it has for my wife and I. Our extra time with Sooty has been very precious.


Sooty has lived 3 years past his estimated prognosis, and to date Medipet have paid out in excess of R14 000 for Sooty’s treatment.  Our aim is to ensure that you, as a pet owner, can give your beloved furry friends the treatment they deserve without agonising over the cost.  We are proud to have had a hand in helping Sooty survive his cancer and in being able to give him and his family quality of life.  Well Done Sooty!