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Tis the season, and we all love the howl-idays.  It’s that time of year when Fido gets into the treats and Fluffy destroys the Christmas tree because, well, those baubles are so pretty and so shinnnnnny.

We sing carols, Fido howls in unison and Fluffy looks down her nose as if we’re all mad. You know it, how you rip open wrappings and ribbons to find the treasure inside, Fido chews the paper and Fluffy claims the box.
But much as we all love this time of year, we often forget or forego the rules that apply to our pets.
Thankfully MediPet is here to help you through those yelp and yowl moments with the 12 Do’s (and Don’ts) of Christmas, to ensure your furry family has as tail wagging a time as you do.

• Do be sure to include your pets in the joy of Christmas morning by having a wrapped or stockinged gift for them under the tree – but be sure to supervise the opening of any gifts so they don’t eat plastic, paper or any other bits that may look delicious but are really quite harmful.
• Do allow them one healthy treat during the day.
• Do ensure amidst all the excitement they remain as calm as possible. Maybe take Fido for a walk early in the morning to burn off excess energy for the rest of the day.
• Do make sure you properly dispose of any wrappings, ribbons and plastic so they’re not tempted to enthusiastically chew on anything they shouldn’t.
• Do make sure they’re safe from the clutching paws of great grandma Gertrude, and the sticky fingers of toddlers – someone could get hurt in the excitement.
• Do make sure you have all the emergency contact numbers of your vet and vet hospital close on hand in the event of a cat-astrophe.

• Don’t leave your pet unattended near your tree, any wrapped human treats – especially chocolates or nuts, will be enticing for them.
• Don’t leave twinkling lights or candles burning near your pets, they may be a little too curious and a dog-saster could occur.
• Don’t allow them to be fed from the table, meaty treats might be great, but too much rich fat or bones cause problems.
• Don’t allow them to eat or consume any of the following human foods: mince pies, chocolate, avocado, garlic, nuts, onions, raisins or alcohol.
• Don’t let them near any gifts containing small parts that could be easily swallowed, you’ll end up with an unhappy toddler and an unhappier vet bill.
• If you have a new puppy or kitten in the home, don’t allow too much attention to be lavished on them to the exclusion of other family pets. While love is pawsome, jealousy could result in fights.

And remember, if you do find yourself in a pickle, South Africa’s favourite pet insurance paw-tner has you covered. You can now submit your claims via our online submission app.

Happy howl-idays to you all, and happy, healthy high paws all round.